How to Add Categories in WordPress – WordPress Tutorial -2022

In today’s article we are going to explain to you step by step how to add categories in wordpress post. Within WordPress, if you include a post, it is important to create a categories.

Step (1) − Click on Posts → Categories option in WordPress.

WordPress - Add Category

You can easily add a new category to WordPress when writing a post. And to the right of it, open the Categories tab in the Documents panel.

Step (2) − After filling all the information about Categories, click on Add New Category button.

Step (3) − After clicking on Add New Category,

Then create a new category and click on the link

New Category

This article covers how to add categories to WordPress and the category is used to identify sections of your site and posts related to the group. You can get help from screenshots and videos on our page and also explain why there must be categories .

The categories are used to organize your posts into groups. You can add them under any post or page. They help visitors find what they want faster. This article by

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