How to Create a New Post in WordPress – Step by Step – 2022

In this tutorial we have shown you how to create a post inside WordPress. And posts are considered easy entries in the magazine. Posts are displayed with the most recent post by date. Both pages and posts are key components of the WordPress site. For more information, see our complete guide to how to How to Create a New Post in WordPress.

How to Create a New Post in WordPress

Are you trying to create a new post in WordPress and want to know all the features of post in WordPress and you can see it on your screen below.

wordpress post

Learning WordPress is very easy and through our platform you can learn WordPress for free because our company is giving free training at international level and teaching WordPress in very simple words our experts will give you videos. And training for free through pictures. Today we are going to teach you how to create a new post and in simple words how you can create a new post. wordpress tutorial in urdu

wordpress post publish

We are giving you an initial guide as it is also important to know the benefits of a new post.

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