How To Write SEO Friendly Articles – 10 TIPS -2022

Writing a blog post requires good skills. To keep your customers interested, you need to think about the structure and keep it pleasant at all times. If people like a post, they also like sharing with others. It also greatly increases your rankings. So if you want to improve your writing skills and your rankings, start with your tips on How To Write SEO Friendly Articles!

For some people, writing for SEO purposes and writing to attract attention may seem like contradictory purposes. I totally disagree with that. If you want to write an SEO friendly blog post, you need to find the words that should be in a prominent place. But overuse of keywords can make it difficult to read your post. In fact, high keyword density can be a signal to Google that you are filling in your keywords, which can negatively affect your rankings.

1 # Think Before you Write!

Before writing an article, think carefully about what a good and different writer you are about it. And what do you want to tell your readers or do you want to answer a question that is the purpose of your article and what do you expect from readers at the end of your page? Before you start, be sure to read some of the articles written on this topic so that you can figure out what you can write best about them. Because Google also wants your page to be different and good from other pages and to be able to read them clearly to understand what you have written. The main thing in the article is your content if it is good and unique. Yes, people like it, otherwise people go to other websites and Google does not rank your website.

2 # Structure for Your Post.

You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. So that your blog looks different and different from others. A clear structure is necessary when writing each post.

Any kind of introduction in which you want to express your subject. It should have the main message written in it.

When you draw a conclusion at the bottom of a post, you convey the message of your entire post in a few lines.

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When writing a post, write a clear and open paragraph so that everyone can read your paragraph easily. Also, you want your message to be in clear words inside the post and enable your post so that people can stop there and read your post easily.

3 # Use Paragraphs & Headings

Everyone must use the paragraph. Not everyone uses it properly. Don’t start every new sentence on a new line. Because it sounds good and also try not to make the paragraph too long. Because this paragraph should have its own idea or subject. You should be able to summarize the main idea in one sentence. If not, you need more sentences to explain the main idea. All you need to do is use the paragraph

You must have a heading before each paragraph and write the paragraph clearly and differently. But keep in mind that your paragraph should be SEO friendly and the keywords in each paragraph should be used in such a way that the paragraph reader will not feel that you are doing keyword stuffing while you are doing your own keyword stuffing. Write the paragraph in such a way that the reader wants to understand each word clearly and your paragraph should not contain too many keywords so that the reader leaves before reading the paragraph. Write an SEO friendly blog post with these guidelines in mind.

4 #Use  Must Transition Words

Transliteration words help people understand the connection between your text and the sentences and paragraphs. For example, we say that people have three reasons to buy your product and they want to use words that signal you. Words like the first, the second, the last, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on. ۔ That’s why words are so important to your post.

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