SEO Tutorial for Beginners Step by Step – 2023

If you want to wrap your head around SEO, you are afraid of technical terms and concepts. Here are some tips to help you get started: SEO Tutorial for Beginners Step by Step What is SEO Optimization Definition

SEO Tutorial

People always ask me questions.

So … I have heard that SEO is good for my business. Why?

Since then I have completed my patch. When you are good at SEO your website comes on the first page of google it is usually great I like it too!

It’s very simple and good.

When I started learning SEO some time ago, I was almost terrified of terms like crawlers backlinks, and anchor text and dofollow and not follow white hat backlinks vs. black hat.

The industry seems to be plagued by technical terms and complex concepts, so much so that people have to struggle a lot to understand it and what needs to be done.

Looks like you and if so you are in the right place

I will prepare you for the first steps in SEO, and with all the explanations and language that are easy to understand.

Let us tell you how to rate! But first a quick primer …

What are Search Engines, Actually?

Google is the largest search engine in the world and there are two other search engines like Yahoo and Bing Basically what search engines do is gather information and content from all over the web and store that data.

What are Search Engines, Actually

According to the November 2018 report, Google’s search rankings are 73%, followed by Bing at 7.91%.

There is an almost shocking difference.

What makes a search engine so different from other search engines?
the answer:

Specifically how they determine the size of their database and which pages are relevant

Market expertise and content type.

Google differs from others in its index and size. At the same time, the way it adapts to the relevance of the page. That is, the algorithm is different from the others. In short, it proved to be the best time to answer people’s questions properly and it was pretty much the way everyone in the world searches for things online.

Undoubtedly: there are more specialized search engines like Baidu, Naver, & Yandex, while China, Russia and Korea have their own search engines separately. and YouTube is also the largest search engine in the world. SEO Tutorial for Beginners Step by Step This article by w3learner

How does Google work?

We know who the biggest player in the game is. Let’s see how it works. Here the search process is understood in simple words as it is divided into three parts.
Crawling, indexing, and asking questions,

Finding the right words in English. Store them and then show them to searchers easily

Imagine that you are reading a city or a country you need to find. When you start with one city and go down one street, it connects you to the next city. If you drive down a possible street from a starting point, you have to explore every city.

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