7 Tips For Facebook Video Ads That Get Results

Facebook video ads are one of the most effective ways to grow your business and reach more people.

Many businesses are focusing more and more on their use of Facebook video ads, due to the platform’s high engagement levels and overall popularity. If you want your Facebook video ads to succeed, it’s important to put in the effort up front to ensure that you don’t waste any money or time later on. If you aren’t sure what makes an effective video ad, then check out these 7 tips for Facebook video ads that get results! These tips will give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Facebook video ads so you can have a successful campaign from start to finish. 7 Tips For Facebook Video Ads That Get Results

#1: Create A Compelling Video

One of the most important tips for facebook video ads is to create a compelling video. Studies show that people are more than twice as likely to engage with a 60-second long video on Facebook than they are with text or images. This means your video should be quick, memorable and create an emotional response in the viewer. Showing a tutorial of your product or service will increase its popularity by making it easier for customers to understand what you’re offering. In addition, tell them what to do next and offer incentives if they click on your ad. Use powerful words like free shipping or buy one get one free when trying to motivate potential customers.

#2: A/B Test Campaign Content

Facebook video ads are a great way to show different messages to different audiences. If you want to show different videos on the same campaign, you can use an A/B test. Simply upload two versions of the same video and Facebook will automatically allocate your ad budget across both options, showing one version 50% of the time and the other version 50% of the time. This is a good option if you’re not sure which message will resonate best with your customers or if you’re running an experiment that requires two variables to be controlled in order for it to work.

#3: Optimize Your Ad Delivery

Part of the best tips for facebook video ads is optimizing your ad delivery. One example is scheduling an ad to come out on certain days or at a particular time. If you use this strategy, it will be more relevant than running it any other day. Another way to optimize your facebook video ad is by using persuasive call-to-action text and slogans that catch the attention of prospective customers. This kind of advertising might be better for someone who does not have a new product to sell but offers services instead.

#4: Use Dynamic Ad Creative To Push Audiences Down The Funnel

A Facebook video ad is an opportunity to get in front of your audience and introduce them to a new product or service. Dynamic creative is created for each individual user and can be based on their past interactions with your brand. Dynamic creative provides a richer experience for users, which results in increased conversions and higher ROI . The best part? Facebook’s Dynamic Creative tools are really easy to use! Once you have selected your objective (or conversion event), Facebook will suggest what type of dynamic creative would work best for that goal. You can edit the content, change the look and feel, choose where you want it to appear on Facebook (News Feed, Audience Network etc.) and even add a call-to-action button that prompts viewers to take the desired action.

#5: Create Relevant Landing Pages

A landing page is a web page that someone sees when they click on a link in an email, Facebook, or other type of advertisement. Landing pages have been proven to be one of the most effective ways to convert website visitors into buyers.

Landing pages can be relatively simple and contain only a few lines of text and graphics, or they can be as complex as you want them to be. The more information you provide on your landing page about what the visitor will gain from taking the next step in their purchase journey, the more likely it is that you’ll get a conversion.

#6: Leverage Dynamic Product Ads To Increase Conversions

A great way to increase conversions on Facebook ads is by leveraging dynamic product ads. Dynamic product ads are a type of Facebook ad that allow you to show a variety of products in your ad and not just one specific product. This will help target a broader audience and make them more likely to convert.

To create dynamic product ads, follow these steps:

  • -Create an ad for the specific page or event you want
  • -Choose the Product option from the dropdown menu
  • -Select Dynamic Product Ads from the next dropdown menu
  • -Click Add Product and choose which products you would like to include in your dynamic product campaign -Underneath each product,

you’ll see two options: Show all and Show only selected. If you select Show all, Facebook will display all the products associated with that page in your ad. If you select Show only selected, Facebook will only display those particular products from that page in your ad. Make sure to review the settings before submitting your final order!

#7: Add A Call To Action To Your Videos

A call to action will let the viewer know what you want them to do next. It could be something as simple as asking for a like, or for more information about your product. Whatever it is, it should be clear and concise so that viewers know what they’re signing up for when they click on your video.

A call to action should also be unique – if you’ve seen a thousand ads with the same call-to-action, then yours won’t stand out from the crowd and get noticed. So make sure it’s not only relevant to your brand, but also creative and different enough that people are going to remember it when they see it.

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