WordPress Tutorial in Urdu – Updated Tutorial-2022

WordPress is a strong custom management software and it is open source software within which you can create a complete website or blog and this website or blog is user friendly and it is popular in WordPress world again and About 17% of people worldwide use it. The biggest advantage of this is that you can easily create any type of website within WordPress and it has the option of coding, but you can easily create a website without coding. Can make WordPress is 90% paid. If you want to learn WordPress, you can come to our website and learn in the form of videos in Urdu and English. WordPress Tutorial in Urdu

I have been working in WordPress for the last two years and I have learned to build a website with a custom team and you can easily learn by watching my videos for free and if you also take a WordPress course. If you want to, we teach you at a reasonable fee.

WordPress Tutorial Outline

  • What is a CMS
  • WordPress.com vs WordPress.org
  • Installing WordPress
  • Navigating in WordPress
  • Publishing Content
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Themes
  • Optimizing WordPress Performance
  • Keeping WordPress Secure
  • WordPress custom setting
  • widgets wordpress

Learn WordPress Tutorial in Urdu on Youtube Channel

1. WordPress is a free content management system (CMS) that allows users to create and publish web pages without having any programming knowledge.

2. You can use this tool to build your own website or blog.

3. WordPress has many features like drag-and-drop page builder, SEO tools, etc.

4. There are two types of themes available in WordPress: Free and Paid.

5. If you want to make changes to your theme then you have to download the theme files from the WordPress repository.

6. To install WordPress, you need to go to the dashboard and click “Add New”.

w3learner wordpress tutorial in urdu that are in ardor allow you to increase the power of wordpress and our step by step wordpress videos are easy to understand and you can buy your own book covering the basics of wordpress. Don’t waste time And WordPress tutorials include real life examples and lots of tips and hacks that allow you to learn WordPress faster.

We are going to teach you Free wordPress Content Management System in which you will be trained at professional level and you can learn at Advanced level from our website. WordPress is a popular blogging system that allows you to update your website with its backend CMS and components. And now our WordPress tutorial will teach you the basics of WordPress which you can use to learn WordPress easily.

These wordpress tutorials are for people who already have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and want to build websites and after completing this tutorial you can start using WordPress. One can create professional blogs which are in Urdu language.

WordPress Tutorial

Why is WordPress So Popular?

After discovering the large number of WordPress users, you may wonder why it is so popular. Today you explain the reasons behind this The general idea is that WordPress is a simple and simple blogging tool, but it is much more than that.

Due to the fact that WordPress is absolutely free and it is an open source project in which you can better edit the code to your liking. It has thousands of free plugins and countless tools that can help you build any kind of website.

All these features are not found on any other platform and you can create any kind of website
And most importantly, WordPress is completely free and made in PHP language and is constantly being updated so that customers can benefit from it.

  • WordPress Basics
  • WordPress – Overview
  • WordPress – Installation
  • WordPress – Dashboard
  • WordPress Settings
  • WordPress – General Setting
  • WordPress – Media Setting
  • WordPress – Permalink Setting
  • WordPress – Plugin Setting
  • WordPress Categories
  • WordPress – Add Category
  • WordPress – Edit Category
  • WordPress – Delete Category
  • WordPress Posts
  • WordPress – Add Posts
  • WordPress – Edit Posts
  • WordPress – Delete Posts
  • WordPress – Publish Posts
  • WordPress Media
  • WordPress – Media Library
  • WordPress – Add Media
  • WordPress Pages
  • WordPress – Add Pages
  • WordPress – Publish Pages
  • WordPress – Edit Pages
  • WordPress – Delete Pages
  • WordPress Tags
  • WordPress – Add Tags
  • WordPress – Edit Tags
  • WordPress – Delete Tags
  • WordPress Links
  • WordPress – Add Links
  • WordPress – Edit Links
  • WordPress – Delete Links
  • WordPress Comments
  • WordPress – Add Comments
  • WordPress – Edit Comments
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress – View Plugins
  • WordPress – Install Plugins
  • WordPress Users
  • WordPress – User Roles
  • WordPress – Add Users
  • WordPress – User Photo
  • WordPress – Edit Users
  • WordPress – Delete Users
  • WordPress – Personal Profile
  • WordPress Appearance
  • WordPress – Theme Management
  • WordPress – Customize Theme
  • WordPress – Widget Management
  • WordPress Advanced
  • WordPress – Version Update
  • WordPress – Spam Protection
  • WordPress – Backup & Restore
  • WordPress – Optimization
  • WordPress – Reset Password
  • WordPress Useful Resources
  • WordPress – Questions and Answers
  • Questions and Answers

In the latest WordPress tutorials and WordPress tutorials we are going to teach you the structure and types of WordPress hosting and how to build a complete website all the things you are not familiar with and the plugins and themes. There are two ways to install a short tour.

You were taught WordPress from the beginning to the end and also told how you can earn money by learning this WordPress. Our WordPress tutorials which are included in Urdu language.

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